set 2 - one hour ride through the country

by edmundo 30. June 2011 23:17

schweinfurt & cousins

by edmundo 29. June 2011 23:01

In Schweinfurt, enjoying time here.  This is my cousin's house where she and her husband and four children live :)

Made it!

by edmundo 29. June 2011 02:31

Just a quick not to say I'm in Schweinfurt hanging with my cousins and family.    Bavaria is so beautiful and lots of bike paths.   More to come, with photos!

t - 15 hours

by edmundo 27. June 2011 11:44

whew, crazy stuff!   photos of the packing process in addition to a list of stuff i'm bringing forthcoming!

Welcome to the Europe Blog

by edmundo 23. June 2011 18:34

The plan!

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Edmundo is off for a 3 month bicycle tour through Germany, Austria, SLovenia, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Montenegro, and Albania.    Highlights are the World Beach Ultimate championships held every 4 years.



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