passau and down the Inn river

by edmundo 21. July 2011 08:46

Oh yeah.   The Passau to Vienna bike ride is the most famous in the world with over 50,000 cyclists doing it each year.  It's very flat, follows the Danou (Danube in english) to Vienna and has the Alps as sceneary always to your south.  I rode about 5km of it into Passau and well, it was crowded!    Glad to have changed plans once again (i guess when you dont exactly have a plan, the word "change" is relative.    I departed from my Hamburg family and waited for Volker at the campsite north of Passau.  It's an amazing campsite where Dad had 5 sons and each of them went into different (physical) industreis.  Carpentry, metal working, heating/ac, plumbing, and electrical.    The 5 of them build the coolest campground as you can imagine.

I took a trip with a dutch woman I met to Passau on Saturday night to check out the scene.  It's a university town, and we did find one cool club with the DJ spinning house.  What was nice was that it was glass walls, so you could check the scene from the outside.  We opted out but had a nice time chatting and wondering Passau till 3am.   She was nice enough to give me a lift back to camp.

So Volker and I get going, he leaves his car at the campsite with plans to return by bike.  We have a great day down the Inn river to the Fuchs campsite just south of Bad Fussing.   Bad Fussing is filled with hot springs and physical therapy and healing centers, so you can imagine the average age was pretty up there.   We had a big day and low and behold caught up with our Hamburg family again!  It was great as I had just showed the photos of them the night before.

We decide to spend an extra day in Bad Fussing at the campground where I do some laundry, catch up on internet/work, and wonder the town to resupply.  sundays everything is closed so its important on a Monday to restock and on Saturday to stock up.  We leave the following day for a great ride 1/2 german side, 1/2 austria side.  

Stay tuned...

greetings from Bad Fussing

by edmundo 18. July 2011 04:50

Well, I have gained a cycling partner via my cousin's husband's brother, Volker.    We had a big first day down the Inn river which borders Austria on our way to Saltzburg.  I discoverd a great campground via my Hamburg family cyclists outside of Passau and made a new friend with this super old wagon which was gracious enough to host my stuff!  Checked out Passau on Saturday night and Saturday day.  Got some supplies, need to change my rear tire (grr), and other minior repairs are happening (love that grammar).   I've got a nice fast connection at this campsite where we are spending an extra day.   More to come in a bit...


wow, ok, yeah, good times, tough times

by edmundo 16. July 2011 05:09

Well, yes, indeed I am in Passau.   Online stuff continues to struggle.  Will try and get data stick in Austria.   This explains the brevity of these entries.   Good news is that i am making pretty much a vdeo blog/journal.   Bad news is the uploads take forever.   Good news is they contain most of my classic off centered humor which is bad news for some of you :)

Here is my photo set to Zwiesel.   Videos are coming via a different set.   Photo below is a family of 4 touring with bikes!  I rode with them for two days.  they travelled the US for one year and have been more places than I.   Overall more good experiences than unpleasant... keep on trrrrruckin'  :)


set 5 - onward through some crazy weather, strange sand mountains, and off the map accidental mtn biking

by edmundo 9. July 2011 03:00

crazy stuff.   every trip i want to write longer entries and it almost never happens.  so much to say  ...but you knew you that already.


for now, just the pics and vids.

set 4 - videos!

by edmundo 7. July 2011 05:59

set 4 - sand a.m. Main to Hirchao

by edmundo 7. July 2011 05:12

picasa won't let me videos up easily.   bad google, bad.  they took it out of the client.   making it hard just like FB cause they dont want all those videos, now do they?

alive - barely - many stories to tell!

by edmundo 7. July 2011 05:04

so yeah, the internet has been really hard to find wireless-wise.  every wap is protected and no one feels comfortable giving you the "key" (even though you say..i am leaving on my bicycle never to return here - i will not sell it !)

phone internet and gps has been great - but i rely on the gps way too much and my battery cant handle it.   i mean, i was frikin' mtn biking through an unmarked forest through fields and  brush... the only way i found my way out is via gps.

so i have been biking around with one hand on my phone looking for open wireless and the other hand trying to steer and bike.   not ideal!   i go to campsites that say "internet" and what they mean is a hardwired kiosk that they wont let me jack into.   wtf!  india was easier.  

so i'm in mount kaolino....  i cannot describe it with words...   go look it up.  i am huddled in the rain now with about 2 ft of space with one 1/2 of my laptop getting wet.  not fun.   

so continuing to passau but i will first head toward the bavarian national forest on the border with czech.   big hills which i need for training.   will be in vienna august 1.   

video of me talking to much on an awesome mini 20km ride

by edmundo 2. July 2011 00:18

(you need to be an FB friend to see this - after editing, i'll post to my site)

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