Set 14 - Sopron, Hungary to Graz, Austria

by edmundo 29. August 2011 15:02

Italy - photo sets out of order

by edmundo 22. August 2011 11:39

holy humidity!  the last time i was this hot was either nepal or eastern guatamala.

i'm at the world beach ultimate championships.  Tuen in live to the games 


Set 15 - Graz to Volkersmarkt, Austria

by edmundo 16. August 2011 23:47

Set 9 - Inn to Burghausen then critical breakdown

by edmundo 12. August 2011 18:05

Set 10 - Berghausen to Bergen, Deutchland

by edmundo 12. August 2011 14:29

Set 10 - Berghausen to Bergen, Deutchland

Set 11 - Bergen to Attersee, Austria

Set 12 - attersee to vienna ++

Set 13 - Neusidel to Sopron, Hungary back to Austria

Graz, Austria and hills and the golden bicycle map

by edmundo 12. August 2011 14:18

It's been a tough journey to Graz, mostly because the bicycle maps that should be readily available are hard to come by.  Specifically the "Kompass" map which I had for western Austria is shockingly difficult to track here in the east. 

Some photo albums:  (These are quite old now but finally to a fast connection)

Set 9 - Inn to critical breakdown

Vienna to Hungary and back to Austria - ahh Burgenland

by edmundo 10. August 2011 00:31

Crazy times.  Sun, wind, rain, fog, humidity, thunder and rainbows.   Sure is pretty though.   Been in the state of "burgenland" austria for pretty much the the last 10 days.  With a one day excursion to Hungary.   Budapest plans on hold.   Want to be sure we make it to Italy for lots of beach ultimate by August 22.   Woot.   Hope to solve the connectivity issues so as to get updates out more frequently :)

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Edmundo is off for a 3 month bicycle tour through Germany, Austria, SLovenia, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Montenegro, and Albania.    Highlights are the World Beach Ultimate championships held every 4 years.



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