Set 15 - Graz to Volkersmarkt, Austria

by edmundo 16. August 2011 23:47

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8/20/2011 4:45:25 AM #


Jo ed ... How are you? Where are you exactly and much more important shalt thou the wcbu in Italy in time to get? I have now accepted well informed about your sport and am anxious to find out how good your since. Toni and I will follow your games in the live stream. Perhaps you remember our training in Bodenwohr and remember that what I have taught to you.Smile (joke) it really is a great sport of fun.Is your girlfriend now also with thee? What is your team at the wcbu? Good luck and many greetings from Toni and steffen

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Edmundo is off for a 3 month bicycle tour through Germany, Austria, SLovenia, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Montenegro, and Albania.    Highlights are the World Beach Ultimate championships held every 4 years.



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